Tuesday, 7 April 2015

How To Become A Successful Independent Escorts Bangalore

There are many good looking, well educated, and well mannered working
women interested in   offering escort service in Bangalore. They desire
to be an independent escorts Bangalore
for earning more and spending their leisure in the most amazing manner.
However, there are many girls who do not know how to start and where to
start. This is why most of them look for tips and suggestion for
becoming independent Bangalore escorts.

Tips to let you know how to become independent escorts Bangalore

Take some pictures and advertise on the internet

Take some tasteful, attractive, semi-nude and erotic picture of you
and advertise on the internet. To do so better, you can go to social
media sites and join various communities offering the same service. You
will have many escort groups and communities in Bangalore. Post your
pictures, comments and tips on their timelines. You are sure to have

Do some Advertisements mentioning about you and your services

Open an account on various classified ad posting sites, selecting the
right niche. Besides, there are some specific sites designed for
advertising for this purpose. If you wish, you can go for a paid
advertisement. From there, many service seekers will get to know about
you and ask for a service.

Get a professional website

This is the best way to make your service online. From it, you will
have huge organic traffic. An active, interactive and professional
looking Bangalore escorts
website always ensures higher conversion. Besides, there are many free
websites that allows you create a business page, showcasing all your
information that your clients may ask you. Get various attractive, nude,
semi nude and erotic pictures to insert on your picture gallery so that
customers can get more sense about. They come to know how you look

Get a testimonial section to put the name and comments of your satisfied customers.

How become a successful Bangalore escorts

If you are already an independent escort Bangalore, these tips will help you become successful in your profession.

Reach on Time

This is very important. Try your best to reach on time. Do not get
late to offer your service. In case you are going to late, inform your
man waiting for taking your service.

Treat your men with love and personal care

Love your men and offer them services with a touch of affection and
personal care. Look after them and take care of them. Do everything on
behalf of them, if your men are very new in Bangalore. They will turn
into your repeat customers.

Do not talk much about money

You need not ask your men about the charges for every single service,
while they are enjoying with you. You should not interrupt their
passion, asking them money every time for each piece of service. Ask
them for all extras at last. Many times, they give you money in advance
as per the discussion done over telephone. You need not interrupt them
for extra charges in the midway of their enjoyment.

Arrive clean

Arrive clean and meet your men, wearing some gorgeous dresses.

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